Hear the Goods

When great bass players are asked how they get their fabulous tone, the typical response is: "My sound is in my hands". While this is true to an extent, it also helps to have great-sounding instruments and equipment.

Derek's arsenal of basses includes the best of the old‑school and new‑school: Fretted, fretless, solid‑body, hollow‑body, 4‑string, 5‑string, nylon‑string, roundwounds, flatwounds, fingers, pick, or keyboard, rest assured that Derek has all the necessary tools and techniques to create just about any bass sound you're looking for!

# Title Artist Genre Bass*
1 Zoux Pop Höfner Hollowbody
2 James McKenna Rock 1963 Fender Precision
3 A Band Called Moses Ballad Roscoe Fretless
4 Cassie Davis Pop 1963 Fender Precision
5 Zoux R&B 1963 Fender Precision
6 Jonatha Brooke Pop Music Man Stingray
7 Derek Frank Hip-Hop 1975 Fender Jazz w Effects
8 Kate Higgins Pop Höfner Hollowbody
9 Sam Jaffe Pop Celinder J-Update
10 Jason Chatham Christian 1963 Fender Precision
11 Greg Porée World Roscoe Fretless

* For more information about Derek's basses and to listen to samples, click here.