Get the right bass tracks for your songs!


Bass Tracks Online was created to offer songwriters, composers, producers, bands, engineers, and other music professionals a simple and affordable way to add solid, tasty, REAL bass tracks to their songs.

These days, project studios are easy to put together, and more and more people are getting into the art of home recording. However, not everyone has the means to get the right bass parts on their projects.

Perhaps you're a multi-instrumentalist, but your bass skills are too limited for the song you are currently working on... or maybe you don't personally know any bass players worthy of your music... or it might be that you simply want to get great bass tracks on your project without leaving the confines of your comfy studio, and you don't feel like hiring someone to come to you, paying their cartage, etc. In any case, Bass Tracks Online provides the perfect solution to these woes of bass‑deprived home recording.

Derek in studio