Derek Frank

Described as a "versatile monster" by his peers, Derek Frank has been a fixture on the Los Angeles music scene since 1997. He is currently a member of country-pop superstar Shania Twain's touring band, and divides his time relatively equally between performing live and recording.

Since his arrival in LA, he has proven to be an in-demand musician both on stage and in the studio. In addition to having done hundreds of recording sessions with independent artists, bands, producers, and composers, his recording credits include artists such as: Juan Gabriel, G.E.M., Brian Auger, Jennifer Paige, Jonatha Brooke, Cassie Davis, and Mindi Abair, producers such as Todd Rundgren, Neil Avron, Steven Slate, Gustavo Farias, and Greg Poree, and he has played bass on tracks alongside such legendary musicians as Vinnie Colaiuta and Joe Sample. (View Derek's discography.)

Derek has also recorded music for the television shows "Ally McBeal", "Malcolm and Eddie", "State of Grace", and "Malcolm in the Middle". His live performance/touring credits include artists such as: Shania Twain, Victoria Justice, Mindi Abair, Aly & AJ, Brian Auger, The "Dancing With the Stars" tours, Siedah Garrett, Lari White, Alejandra Guzman, Jennifer Paige, Christina Aguilera, Gregg Rolie, David Pack, Jeff Golub, The Boneshakers, Roman Arkhipov, Rachel Yamagata, and Bonnie McKee. This is in addition to the plethora of Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Latin, and Theatre gigs he has done with lots of people you've probably never heard of :)

Derek Frank Derek Frank

Derek typically records his basses through an A-Designs REDDI tube direct box (left) or an Avalon U5 solid state direct box, with a Universal Audio 710 mic preamp into an Empirical Labs Distressor (compressor) recording directly into Logic via a MOTU 828 interface. This direct setup is used for the majority of his clients.

UA 610 mic preamp

For clients desiring a mic'd cabinet/ room sound, Derek also will mic his 1965 Ampeg B-15 amplifier, or his Aguilar DB750 amp/DB410 cabinet with a Sennheiser MD421 mic, through a Universal Audio 610 tube mic preamp (left). Blending the direct and mic'd signals yields excellent results.

When he's on the road, he uses a different (yet still great-sounding) mobile rig with his laptop, along with an Aguilar TLC Compressor pedal into an Aguilar Tone Hammer Preamp pedal, with an Apogee One interface direct into Logic. In lieu of mic-ing an actual bass amp with this mobile setup, Derek utilizes IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX plug in. This is basically a virtual bass amp, which allows for choosing several different classic and modern Ampeg head/ cabinet combinations. A variety of mics can also be chosen, along with varying degrees of ambient/ room sound.

Tracks can be exported in any format required, including AIFF, WAV, or SD2. Details pertaining to format, sample rate, direct vs. mic, etc. can be discussed once you contact Derek about your specific project.

studio gear

Avalon U5 solid state direct box, Universal Audio 710 mic preamp, Empirical Labs Distressor (compressor)